The Best Savoury & Sweet Snacks When You Aren’t Baking

Here at Rosies Kitchen we know that when you spend all day cooking lunch and dinner, the last thing you want to do is bake snacks for afterward, as you are looking for some time to finally relax. So we thought we would list some of the options for after-meal snacks which you and your family can have whilst enjoying a tea at the end of a day. Whether it’s round the table or around the TV, we hope this list of healthy yet delicious snacks has something for you to enjoy.

KIND Mini Cranberry Almond

Kind bars are packed with not only great tasting ingredients, but healthy ingredients. With a source of vitamin A, C and E you are sure to not feel guilty whilst tucking into the snack late at night. Kind bars are particularly great when accompanied by a tea of coffee. Apart from being great at night for a snack source, it’s the perfect pick me up for during the day when you are lacking some energy, with all the almonds and nuts providing vital energy to continue with day to day tasks.

Sweet Potato Pop Chips


Sometimes at night, when you are hungry to eat more, you often find yourself eating unhealthy saturated fats such as packets of crisps, although when you get to this point you should have some Pop Chips prepared so that you don’t go for the unhealthy options. Pop Chips are great as they aren’t fried, and are made with the natural ingredient of sweet potato. So having a snack every now and then doesn’t have to make you feel guilty.

Morris cookies, wafers and biscuits

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Morris is a company who have been growing increasingly over the past year, before you would find their products at whole foods stores, who sell foods specifically to promoting natural ingredients, but how with the help of the branding agency Pearlfisher, they have now changed their packaging and design so that they can be sold in all the major supermarkets and become more accessible to the public. Morris’ products smell and taste like home cooking, and they don’t have any nasty ingredients in them, so after dinner it makes their cookies, wafers and biscuits the perfect guilt-free snack to indulge in.

Fage Peach Yogurt

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Fage’s new peach yogurt is a great snack to have not only at night, but through the day to accompany a lunch or breakfast. Apart from the yogurt only having 2% fat, the ingredients come together to create a creamy, rich taste combining the fresh burst of peach flavour to the thick and almond flavour of the yogurt. If you don’t like peach, you should try one of their cherry or strawberry flavours. Unfortunately you can’t get get Rage yogurts in every country due to their exclusability, so if you happen to see any in the UK, grab them quick!