The KitchenAid – What You Need To Know

In the last few years or so, the KitchenAid’s popularity has seen a huge spike again, and it has become the food mixer to have in your kitchen. From starring on the Great British Bake-off, to featuring in popular wish lists, this machine with its long history shows no signs of going anywhere.

Although a pricy piece of equipment, most people do view the KitchenAid as a major investment for their kitchen, and it is true that if you are in the kitchen a lot with cooking and baking, then one of these should last you a lifetime. With various models available on the market, with a range of prices starting from roughly £250 and up, you can find out all about the trendy KitchenAid right here.

KitchenAid has a long and illustrious history, and is actually one of the oldest mixer companies out there having been founded almost 100 years ago in 1919 in America. Their stand mixers received their iconic silhouette from the designer Egmont Arens in the 1930s and this design has actually changed very little up into the present day and in fact this iconic design is actually trademarked. The idea in the 1930s was to produce affordable mixers that the everyday housewife could afford to have in her kitchen, and the KitchenAid has been popular ever since. Incredibly, due to the same ‘K’ design still being in use today, attachments from the original K machine of the 1930s will still fit on modern KitchenAid’s.

One of the most appealing things about the KitchenAid has to be its range of colours that you can choose from. Although initially only available in standard white, from 1955 onwards there were different colours in the range, and nowadays you can choose from 26 different colours in the KitchenAid Artisan model. Matching the machine to your kitchen décor is always going to be appealing, and with such a huge choice of shades, you are sure to find the perfect colour to suit your style.

There are of course different models of KitchenAid, the most popular being the KitchenAid Artisan mixer which boasts a 5 quart capacity (just under 5litres), a splatter shield and the biggest range of colours to choose from. For the keen home baker, then the Artisan model is perfect, or you can always go for the slightly smaller KitchenAid classic with its 4.5litre capacity and classic tilt-head design which is actually surprisingly neat too. One recommendation is to get the glass mixing bowl too since it has handy measurements on its side, and is perfect for quickly melting something in the microwave.

With its heavy zinc cast body, and its powder coat paint, KitchenAid’s are designed to withstand heavy use in the kitchen, and as mentioned above, should be viewed as an investment since it will last such a long time. Debenhams is a great place to look if you are seeking to get a KitchenAid since they have a big range of their products.

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