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Baking is such a fantastic hobby to have; it can be therapeutically relaxing, satisfying to learn new skills and of course a wonderful way to create delicious home-made treats for you, your family, your friends, your co-workers and more. There really are so many benefits and positive aspects to baking really, that’s it not difficult to see why it is such a popular pastime.

Unfortunately one thing that it can also be is rather pricy. Compared to buying a cheap cake or pack of biscuits, making your own more delicious and sumptuous versions can be expensive. Of course you can’t really compare piping hot scones straight from your own oven to shop-bought versions, but it will cost you. They say that you get out what you put in, and it’s true that if you want a high-quality taste, then you have to use good quality ingredients. You can always save elsewhere though, so here are some bargain baking product ideas to help you economise a little!

If you are looking for a bargain when it comes to your baking, then your first stop shop should be the high-street sensation that is Poundland. One of the cheapest places (along with its rivals) on the British high-street, you can make some surprising finds at this bargain basement. Namely at Poundland you can discover the range of products that domestic goddess Jane Asher has designed in collaboration with the brand. Under the title of Jane Asher’s Kitchen, you can find loads of baking items which are particularly perfect for the new baker. From equipment like whisks and spatulas, to baking accessories, cake tins, decorations, cake mixes and more this cheerfully cheap range is really great. With its miniscule prices and large range of products, her collection at Poundland can be the perfect incentive to start baking, or if you need to pick up a few essentials without wanting to break the bank. With lovely pastel colours and great designs, these items will even look great in your kitchen too!

Supermarkets are another great place where you can pick up some bargains when it comes to your baking. Nowadays larger shops tend to boast good baking essentials sections where you can find things from glucose to gluten free flour, making speciality baking a lot simpler. If you do find that you use your local supermarket a lot when it comes to your baking, then make sure that you sign up for a free loyalty card. This means that you will get news of promotions, money off coupons and points when you shop. Supermarkets can also be great places to pick-up baking equipment so keep an eye on their weekly deals!

Finally, if you love finding inspiration but get bored of falling down rabbit holes of internet recipes, then nothing can beat a traditional baking book. When these are new they can however be incredibly pricy, so check out your local charity shop for a pre-loved baking book that can freshen up your ideas. Not only will you be helping out a charity, but you will get a great book at a fraction of the price!


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