Favourite British Bakers

As we’ve said before, we really are lucky that in Britain there is such a strong tradition and love when it comes to home baking. Many of us can fondly remember our grandmothers whipping up as if by magic fairy cakes (or in my case the slightly more decadent butterfly cakes!) to welcome us home from school. From apple pie to bread and butter pudding, the options are limitless when it comes to baking, and it’s true that we love to watch bakers on TV and attempt to make their fantastic creations by following their books. There are many cooks and chefs who have made their name through their baking and easy to follow cooking in the UK. So read on to find out about our absolute favourite British bakers.

Delia Smith

Delia Smith made her name through her no-nonsense approach to cooking that even the most clueless kitchen klutz can follow. Having famously walked us through how to boil an egg (to the joy of hapless students everywhere!), she also excels at of course making lovely home baked treats too. The thing with Delia’s recipes is that they are always so beautifully simple, meaning that anybody can and will try them. She also doesn’t believe in making life difficult for yourself, for example she is a fan of store-packaged pastry which takes out a lot of the hassle and guesswork of making your own. She also doesn’t expect you to suddenly develop expert icing and decorating skills which is a bonus! Her easy to follow recipes are meant to be a pleasurable breeze to make and of course they are pretty much guaranteed to taste absolutely wonderful!

Mary Berry

Mary Berry has to be the reigning queen of TV baking thanks to her decades of baking experience and her presenting of the wildly successful TV show, the Great British Bake-off. Very much like Delia, Mary favours a simple and practical approach to baking, and does not believe in running yourself into the ground to create something delicious. Her love and pleasure in food is evident, and with so much experience, she is able to really enthuse us all with her own passion in baking. Following her recipes is also pretty economical too since practically everything she uses comes from the local supermarket, and if you can budget somewhere, she will let you know. With a plethora of books and shows to her name, Mary thankfully shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

Nigella Lawson

For another female baker that is truly addicted to chocolate and sumptuously decadent desserts, it has to off course be the brunette bomb shell that is Nigella Lawson. She, like Mary Berry, takes obvious pleasure in preparing sweet treats for friends family and even herself, and refreshingly doesn’t believe in cutting down on those calories for a treat since after all it is a treat! If you harbour a serious love of chocolate, then Nigella is the ultimate baker for you, with wickedly delicious recipes that will get your mouth watering!

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